Oluseyi Olorunfemi Adegbulugbe

Attending the Fab Fit Academy was the best decision I made towards opening a lingerie retail company.

In addition to teaching the theory for offering bespoke bra fit services, Ali made learnings practical and fun through a series of weekly assignments, which always kept me on my toes. This gave depth to learnings and made it easier to understand each module.

The personalized feedback was just amazing!

Above all, she gave me the confidence I needed to move the dream on paper to actualizing it one step at a time.

Thanks Ali and the Fab Fit Academy team!


Thrusha Naidoo

To many she’s a New York Times Best Selling Author, a leading business guru and one of the worlds best bra fit coaches. But to me, she’s a brave woman who turned her lows into lessons. She’s determined to empower women and gave me an amazing level of support and kindness, making my goals hers too. To a woman who has helped me raise my bar, I thank and salute you Ali Cudby. So honored and excited to have trained, been mentored and certified by you! Through my learnings I will be able to add more value to the life’s of the women we meet


Florenda Pickett

As a custom bra maker and co-owner of a lingerie boutique, expert bra fitting skills are integral to my success. It was very rewarding to polish and validate my skills as I completed Ali Cudby's FabFit Academy Bra Fitting Certification Program. This course is thorough, all encompassing and a sure fit to becoming a truly well trained professional bra fitter. My business partner and I have incorporated Ali's book "Busted" and her bra fitting course as a foundation block in our own internal Bra Fitting 101 training for all of our staff. Thank you Ali for you leadership in our industry. It is such a pleasure to work with you.


Keenan, Sweet Nothings NYC

This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself as a participant in the lingerie industry.  I can say “I have experience with bra fitting and a tremendous amount of hands-on, practical knowledge”, and there are 50+ hours of work to back me up.  As someone who isn’t currently working in a boutique and who sits behind a desk all day, it was really valuable to me not only to have the engaging lessons but also to go out into the city and fit lots of different women.  Ali is knowledgeable and inspiring, and the class is comprehensive and challenging.  I think it should be a requirement for anyone who claims to be a lingerie fitter.


Kelly Nuit

For someone based here in the Middle East, where no formal, or indeed, proper fitting sessions are held, I would recommend your Academy in a heartbeat – the brilliance of it being online and modular helps tremendously.  We can attend fitting classes in the UK, but that comes with a lot of cost – your Academy is the perfect solution to educating better fitters in the Middle East.


The Ivory Corset

It really is a must for anyone considering working in the bra fitting industry.  The FabFit Academy is an intensive course in understanding the importance of proper bra fitting and why it makes such a difference in so many women’s lives.  Enrollment in the FabFit Academy, should be considered mandatory training for all boutiques and department stores who promote themselves as “bra fitters”.  There may not be an industry standard when it comes to measuring women for bras, but there should be an industry standard on how the next generation of fitters are taught.  I’ve been a professional bra fitter for years…now I have the certification to back it up!


Sherry Boyer – Your Amazing Soul

“I never once ever in my entire life had the thought that a bra fitting would change my life. Until it did. I’ve had a couple of fittings before what I call “The Ali Moment,” one in a higher end department store, and one in a chain store where busty gals can get a bra. Both stood out as being frustrated memories.


When Ali helped me, I was expecting to get a bra that fit. I was certainly not expecting to cry with the insane happiness of finding a bra that fit ME. As in, who I am, to my core, in a way that felt right. What Ali teaches impacts you beyond the physical. For the first time in my life, I felt like my breasts belonged on my body. And that they deserved to be supported and stand out in a way that fit who I am. It was as if I connected to this part of my body that I had not been connected to before.


Linda Crawford, Uplift Custom Bras

Not only did this program with Ali help me focus on what I need to do in 2015 to reach my goals, it really energized and motivated me to dig deeper and reach further. I am so excited to put into action what I have learned.


If you are in the business of helping women look and feel their best, do not hesitate to sign on with Ali. You will elevate yourself and your business to new heights, and have a great time doing it !”


Laura Burke - Fit by Burke 

I took at the Fab Fit class almost 10 years now and it has become the basis of my career now in 2021. My business Fit by Burke, is the only Private Bra Fitting studio in New York is thriving and I owe it to what I learned. I now pay it forward and help others discover this platform!